Late Evening, acrylic/canvas, 24″x18″, 2015


Bonnie Van Moorlehem was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and currently is living in Minneota, Minnesota. Bonnie is married to Roger Van Moorlehem and they have two children Jon and Sara. They have one grandchild Isaiah.

Bonnie is an artist and a registered horticulture therapist. Bonnie received a BA in Studio Arts and Psychology.  Following graduation she worked as an Associate Art Director for Southwest Minnesota State University’s Whipple Art Gallery.

Bonnie Van Moorlehem creates vibrant paintings that breathe with color and energy. Her bold, rich abstracts are renderings of nature and other various subjects, expressed through her unique point of view. Each one comes to life in a dreamlike dance of pure emotion on canvas, a breathtaking depiction of a personal experience or a moment in time.